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Teaching Philosohpy

I believe the voice is a mechanism of consent, and one must allow the voice to function freely. This approach enables the student to discover their vocal abilities while challenging their perception of self. I am invested in your growth as an artist and a person. Everyone with a voice has the right to learn how to use it.



Marcus Herndon was (and still is) a beacon of hope for me in the roughest of times! I have had the honor of being in his voice and speech class when I first came across him at an acting studio. He has provided me with vast knowledge of my voice as well as breathing techniques and the endless possibilities within these. As a Covid-19 long hauler, when I got sick in early 2020, I could barely speak without choking on my own words, I thought I’d never be able to speak, sing or perform a speech ever again, that’s when Marcus reached out with a helping hand. Now, one year later, I find myself absolutely further along in my recovery process thanks to his attentive and specific help. His amazing grip on voice and singing as well as his kindness and reassurance through a tough field and topic are what keep me coming back, he’s like no other. With Marcus, you simply know you are in the greatest, most caring hands.

Gabriela P. - Actor/Dancer

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