Teaching Philosohpy

I believe the voice is a mechanism of consent, and one must allow the voice to function freely. This approach enables the student to discover their vocal abilities while challenging their perception of self. I am invested in your growth as an artist and a person. Everyone with a voice has the right to learn how to use it.



"I started taking voice lessons at NYU mainly because I enjoy singing and I wanted to improve my voice to become a more confident singer. My experience working with Marcus has been unforgettable as his exceptional teaching has allowed me to attain the goals that I set for myself in regard to improving my voice. Not only has my voice exceedingly improved, but my ability to sing with more pride and confidence has undoubtedly become more apparent as a result of Marcus’s training. Marcus teaches with passion and his love for singing and helping his students is evident; he is easily able to detect when and where there is stress in my voice and is able to find a solution promptly, allowing me to overcome and learn from the vocal challenges that I experience. I hope to continue and pursue my passion for singing with Marcus as a coach; his ability to remain enthusiastic and optimistic during each lesson has helped me grow so much as a singer and I’m very grateful to have had the chance to work with him and his expertise in music."

Vicky T. - NYU